What Should You Do If Exercise Makes You Hungrier?

What Should You Do If Exercise Makes You Hungrier?

Autumn was on set filming and had a quick break, so she answered some of the questions you’ve asked her on social media. She’ll tell you the best time of day to drink Shakeology, what to do if exercise makes you hungrier, how to build muscle, and more!

I want to lose weight, but the more I exercise, the more my appetite increases. What should I do?

That’s normal and that’s actually a really good sign. When you exercise, your metabolism speeds up—that’s what burns fat, and that’s what you want. But when your metabolism speeds up, yes, you do get more hungry. However, if you are eating clean and eating healthy it’s OK. You can eat more food to keep you full.

That’s why the 21 Day Fix, the nutrition program that’s on there is perfect, and that’s why I designed it that way. You get to eat quite a bit of food on it, but it’s nutrient-dense, so it’s not really high in calories, but it is really high in the amount of food you get to eat and the amount of healthy nutrients you’re getting so you don’t gain weight, you actually lose weight. So, my suggestion is get the 21 Day Fix, use the program, keep exercising and your body will adjust.

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