Understanding the Nutrition+ Membership

Understanding the Nutrition+ Membership

Get your first 30 days of Nutrition+ RISK-FREE when you purchase a Nutrition+ Membership OR if you purchase select Challenge or Completion Packs. Check out FAQ 4400 for more information.

Whether you want to live a healthier life or get better results from your fitness program, it’s important to be mindful of what you eat.

That’s not to say that you can never have cupcakes, French fries, or wine.

Beachbody’s nutritional philosophy has always advocated for balance and long-term consistency — not cutting out foods entirely.

But we understand just how hard it can be to sustain healthy eating habits.

That’s why we created the ultimate accountability tool designed to help you make good food choices overall and maintain your results.

Introducing the Nutrition+ Membership!

Why Is Accountability So Important?

How many times have you lost weight only to gain it back after you complete a fitness program or fall back into your old eating habits?

Don’t let it get you down — it’s more common than you think!

However, there are those among us who do successfully keep the weight off for good. They often have one game-changing thing in common: accountability.

As a Team Beachbody Coach, Erica Tehonica has seen firsthand how accountability is the key to maintaining healthier habits. “It’s way too easy to give up when life gets in the way,” she says. “You need someone to check in with you on a daily basis because motivation can be fleeting.”

Studies show that having accountability works.

And think about it — ever wonder why so many people hire personal trainers, attend group fitness classes, or seek out a Coach?

Because having someone (or a few people) to hold you accountable helps you stay on track.

Team Beachbody Coach Amy Rada is a firm believer that having community support has helped her succeed.

“I always seemed to fall off track when I only answered to myself,” Rada says. “The Beachbody community makes me never want to give up because I have people cheering me on and I want to encourage other people too.”

Nutrition+ provides you with that much-needed support system.

Your membership gives you access to an entire community of like-minded individuals who will always have your back — no matter what life throws at you.

What Is Nutrition+?

You may have heard about 2B Mindset and Ultimate Portion Fix, two of our nutrition programs.

Created by authors and nutrition experts, Ilana Muhlstein and Autumn Calabrese, these programs have helped millions (yes, millions!) of people lose weight thanks to their simple approaches to healthy eating.

When you sign up for Nutrition+, you’ll unlock access to The Monthly Fix and The Mindset Membership.

These are continuations of Ilana and Autumn’s signature programs.  With them, you’ll get ongoing monthly support to help you overcome obstacles that stand between you and healthier eating.

Struggle with holiday temptations? Need help staying on-track during a vacation getaway? Looking for advice on how to stick with good nutrition when you’re the only one in your family who’s committed to eating healthfully?

Our team of experts, including Ilana and Autumn, has you covered!

They’ve created ample resources to help you be consistent with your nutrition and never go back to your old patterns — like delicious recipes, easy-to-make meal plans, Q&A sessions, healthy eating tips, and more.

And whatever situation you face, you’ll always have back up to stay the course.

Each program also includes its own private Facebook group, where you can connect with others, ask questions, and share what works for you.

“The community makes you feel like you’re not alone,” Tehonica says. “Even if people don’t like to post themselves, they’ll still look at the group and see other people working hard, and it inspires them to get up and do something.”

How Do I Access Nutrition+ Content?

You can try Nutrition+ RISK-FREE for 30 days by purchasing a Nutrition+ Membership or when you purchase select Challenge or Completion Packs.

For just $19.95 a month, you’ll be able to access all the content for The Mindset Membership and The Monthly Fix, as well as both program’s private Facebook groups.

New content is added at the start of each month and we add new recipes every week!

If you need help choosing a nutrition program to follow, talk to your Team Beachbody coach or head to BODNutrition.com. There you’ll find an overview of Ultimate Portion Fix and 2B Mindset, so you can figure out which program is best for your lifestyle.

Still have questions? No sweat! Check out FAQ 4400 to get the answers to all your burning questions on Nutrition+.