Baby Goat Yoga is the Best Thing You’ll See All Week

Baby Goat Yoga is the Best Thing You’ll See All Week

Baby goats make the best yoga partners.

Rachel Brathen, who goes by @Yoga_Girl in the Insta-world, is the lucky owner of Penny Lane (@penny_thegoat), a precious baby goat who also happens to share her love of downward dogs. This four-legged fluffball has perfected her balancing skills. Just watch as she jumps onto Rachel’s back during crane! And, as you can see below, sometimes she’s just there to cheer bleat Rachel on.

Baby Goat Yoga @yoga_girl

We instantly fell in love with this fitness-minded goat for a few reasons. First, this is the most loveable looking animal we’ve ever seen on a yoga mat. Two, workout buddies are the best kinds of friends. And three, Beachbody HQ has a conference room named “Penny Lane.” Coincidence? We think not. So, Penny, if you ever want to visit…well, just let us know.

In the heart-melting video below, Yoga Girl is practicing her crane pose, an asana that many of you P90X yogis are probably familiar with!

But wait, there’s more for you to gush over. Penny also helped out with Rachel’s Pose Dedicated to the Sage I set to the music of the Beatles “Penny Lane.” She is one sure-footed gal to be able to handle all the ups and downs of this move.

Seriously, where can we get our own baby goat?