A Day in the Life: Tony Horton

A Day in the Life: Tony Horton

Ever wondered how 22 Minute Hard Corps and P90X Creator Tony Horton spends his day? How often does he eat? What does he eat? What’s his workout? How many hours of sleep does he get?

Well, we asked and he answered.

Alarm rings at 7:00 AM. Tony skips the coffee and goes straight for a glass or two of cool water.

I prefer 8:30, but life won’t let me. I’d love a “rock and roll” wake up time of whatever I feel like, but most of my workouts are at 7:15 AM and my workouts are much more important than sleeping in.


Tony Horton's breakfast

Sometimes Shawna [Tony’s wife] will cook an incredible egg, pepper, onions, garlic, spice, and avocado dish for me. It’s money in your mouth.

If I’m on my own, I’ll take four egg whites, two whole eggs, chopped up grilled chicken, black beans, and brown rice, and cook it up on the stove in a big pan. Fast, healthy, and yummy.

My third option is a huge shake of frozen blueberries, strawberries, cashews, kale, flaxseed meal, Power Greens Boost, Digestive Health Boost, Focused Energy Boost, and egg white protein or whey protein, with unsweetened vanilla almond milk. Boom!


I work out Monday, Wednesday, and Friday nights and Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday mornings. All three of the nighttime workouts are designed to help me ski fast and hard.

Monday evening: Plyometrics. Twenty sets of up and down.

Tuesday morning: Sort of a traditional-style Shoulders and Arms from P90X or P90X3.

Tony Horton's workout

Wednesday evening: One hour of cardio. Stationary bike, jump rope, treadmill, ski machine, versa-climber, rowing machine, and heavy bag. Five minutes on each.

Thursday morning: Chest and Back. “The Challenge” from P90X3 is a favorite, but any 24-set combination will do.

Friday evening: Boxes & Balls. Stabilization, isolation, and box jumps. Ten sets, then repeat.

Saturday morning: I head to Malibu for Ted “The Floater” McDonald’s yoga class at 5 Point Yoga. Please feel free to come and join me any time.

Sunday morning: At 8:15 AM, I go to the UCLA track (feel free to come to this one too) for speed work. Olympians Krishna, Malachi, and Tasha from P90X3 and 22 Minute Hard Corps are there to hurt me so good.

Sometimes I’ll do my upper-body gymnastic workout instead, which consists of rope climbing, levers from P90X2, the peg board, campus board, muscle-ups, handstand push-ups, etc. Sometimes I’ll go to the track followed by the upper body workout. It can be an all-day event.

I’m a Beachbody Performance junkie. I use these supplements before, during, and after my workouts; and at nighttime without fail. At 57, I can use all the help I can get. The science is there, and I believe in the experts who worked tirelessly to create these formulations.

Lunch (Sometime between 12 and 3pm)

Tony Horton's lunch
(Pictured above: three egg whites, two eggs, three-quarter cup lentils, one ground organic chicken burger, less than a quarter cup of shredded Parmesan cheese for flavor, all on a bed of arugula.)

When I was a kid, I only ate sandwiches. I never eat them anymore. Soup, stews, casseroles, or anything else I can eat with a spoon satisfies my hunger now.

Chicken, rice and beans (with avocado), Healthy Mexican, Italian, or Indian food wins over burgers, hotdogs, and fast food every time.

I snack on nuts mostly, and between lunch and dinner is when I go for my Shakeology break.

Tony Horton's nighttime snack

The Rest of the Day

No two afternoons are the same. Some days I’m at home writing and shooting short pieces for my social media platforms.

22 Minute Hard Corps kept me very busy for close to a year with development, casting, testing, shooting, and post-production, plus everything that goes along with promotion.

Tony Horton's afternoon
(Answering emails in the afternoon. Like the look? #GetSome here!)

I’ve recently developed a new hair and body wash, along with a face and body lotion called TH Care which has consumed a few afternoons. When I’m lucky, I’ll just sit in my backyard, look at the view, listen to the wind chimes, and try to clear my mind.

Dinner (between 5 and 9pm, depending on his workout schedule)

Tony Horton's Dinner

Tony Horton's Dinner 2

Dinner food is typically knife and fork food. A veggie section (anything loaded with color, but especially the green stuff), a protein section (chicken, elk, bison, or fish), and a rice, quinoa, couscous, or new potato section.

My late-night snack is Lilly’s (No Sugar Added) dark chocolate. Four to eight tiny little pieces slowly savored over the course of 15 minutes.

Tony Horton’s Favorite Nighttime Recipe

Here it is! Print this right away and tape it to your fridge! You will not be disappointed.

Take out your blender. Pour half a cup of frozen blueberries in first, then add half a cup of raw cashews.

Add 3 or 4 ice cubes, followed by about 10 oz. of unsweetened vanilla almond milk. Blend on low.

While blending, add 1 scoop of Beachbody Performance Recharge. Put the lid back on and turn that blender on high until the mixture turns into a Blueberry Vanilla Cream Dream.

Did I mention that you will not be disappointed?

Lights Out: 11pm (if possible)

I try to get to bed at 11:00 PM but rarely pull it off these days. I try to get my 8 hours every night, but often come up short. When I do, I’m sharp, healed, and ready to take on the day. When I don’t, I can’t.