The 6 Best Yoga Pants to Try Right Now

The 6 Best Yoga Pants to Try Right Now

I have a confession to make: I now spend more time shopping for workout clothes than I do “regular” clothes. The reasons are simple — I love working out while looking cute and comfortable.

I know I’m not alone in this feeling, so I pulled together some of the best yoga pants the interwebs has to offer. All of these pants have been squat-tested and approved, so no fears about split seams or inadvertent peep shows.

6 Yoga Pants to Try This Fall

1. AC for Beachbody Sheer Genius Legging ($49)

Fact: Autumn Calabrese has amazing workout style. That’s why I was super pumped to learn that Autumn now has her own line of athletic wear. My favorite from the collection is definitely the AC for Beachbody Sheer Genius Leggings that mix on-trend mesh with comfortable, stretchy fabric that’s 88 percent nylon, 12 percent spandex. They’e also moisture-wicking, quick-drying, and odor-repelling.

The best part? Not only do these leggings have a hidden waistband pocket for your house keys, they have pockets for any other valuables you can’t leave at home. I repeat: These leggings have pockets.

6 Yoga Pants to Try This Fall

2. PiYo Jana Graphic Tights ($49)

Color lovers, unite! The PiYo Jana Graphic Tights are a seriously affordable way to work print into your athletic wear without going too crazy. These comfortable leggings give just the right amount of stretch, thanks to its 78 percent polyester and 22 percent spandex mix. The graphic pattern provides a pop of bright colors so you’ll stand out among the sea of black leggings. Need some extra motivation? Check out the inspirational words emblazoned on the sides that will help you crush through those final few poses.

6 Yoga Pants to Try This Fall
Photo by Yoga Rebel

3. Yoga Rebel Onzi Capri Pant ($59)

Struggling to find the motivation for your workout? Pull on a pair of Yoga Rebel’s leggings — available in a variety of styles and colors — and you’ll definitely get the kick in the pants you need to nail your workout sesh.

6 Yoga Pants to Try This Fall
Photo by Betabrand

4. Betabrand Straight Leg Dress Yoga Pants ($78)

Wouldn’t it be ah-mazing if you could wear yoga pants to the office? Absolutely — and it’s not just a pipe dream anymore, thanks to the brains behind Betabrand. The company specializes in clothing made for working out and working in the boardroom.

Betabrand’s Straight Leg Dress Yoga Pants are styled to look much like regular pants you wear to the office, made with materials that are comfortable and hug your body in all the right places. I’ve invested in three pairs and wear them to Pilates and work — sometimes in the same day. No one’s the wiser and I’m always comfortable. Winning!

6 Yoga Pants to Try This Fall
Photo by Prana

5. PrAna Remy Legging ($85)

PrAna Remy Leggings are part skirt, part legging — and all adorable. These thick leggings are made from Peached Micropoly performance knit derived from recycled fibers, making them both eco-conscious and modest. The bonus skirt gives you a little extra coverage so you can squat, downward dog, or happy baby to your heart’s content without worrying about providing an unintended peep at your underwear.

6 Yoga Pants to Try This Fall
Photo by Sukishufu

6. Sukishufu Suki Leatherback Long Leggings ($123)

The Suki Leatherback Long Leggings in Chrome Gloss are great for when you have to save the world from villains in the morning then have hot yoga in the afternoon. Sukishufu might not be the first brand you think of when you think leggings, but they should be — especially if you like attention-grabbing colors and prints (like bubbles and waves!). These leggings do a good job of covering all your bits, but they do need special care.

“They make your legs look shaped and sculpted, not to mention the color is different than anything you’ve ever seen,” according to a fan on their website.

Sounds like the perfect combo for looking like a goddess during and after your workout.