Get Your 2B Mindset Certification Now

Get Your 2B Mindset Certification Now

At Beachbody LIVE, we’re known for our fitness instructor trainings.

But with our weight-loss and healthy-eating program, 2B Mindset, you can get certified and deepen your knowledge and understanding of the 2B Mindset program.

You’ll learn the skills to mentor other people through the program, so you can help them have more successful weight loss with a positive mindset while still eating the foods they love.

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Note: You need to purchase and complete the 2B Mindset program before enrolling in 2B Mindset Certification, which requires an understanding of the program’s videos, principles, and resources.

What Exactly Is 2B Mindset Certification?

As a certified 2B Mindset Mentor, you’ll have acquired the information and skills you need to help people achieve greater success with the 2B Mindset program.

Taught by the program’s creator, Ilana Muhlstein, M.S., R.D.N., 2B Mindset Certification reveals Ilana’s most effective tools and techniques — derived from her own personal journey and private practice — that will help you become the best 2B Mindset Mentor you can be.

“It’s SO rewarding to help people who’ve struggled for years with their weight finally find a solution that lets them eat what they want and lose weight at the same time,” Ilana says. “It’s a solution they can live with for the rest of their lives!”

What Do You Get With 2B Mindset Certification?

A series of short, easy-to-digest videos

Ilana will take you on a deeper dive into the core concepts and principles behind the 2B Mindset program, show you all of her favorite “mindset shifts” and strategies to keep the experience positive, and pass along her best practices for helping you start mentoring people and run your 2B Mindset groups effectively and in a way that truly engages people.

A live Q&A session with Ilana

She’ll field questions about the program, course materials, how to best mentor others — anything that can help you become the best 2B Mindset Mentor you can be.

Digital course materials

You’ll get the 2B Mindset digital course workbook, designed to help you follow along and take notes during the certification course, so you can get the most out of each video session.

Plus, the workbook is packed with in-depth information, studies, and new ideas to try — all in a go-anywhere digital format.

Certification as a 2B Mindset Mentor for one year

This gives you the right to call yourself a certified 2B Mindset Mentor. Plus you get a certificate of completion and 2B Mindset Mentor e-badge — both earned upon successfully passing the course exam.

AND… the chance to join Ilana’s 2B Mindset Master Team!

This will be the next step in your journey as a 2B Mindset Mentor, giving you exclusive monthly access to new content, marketing assets, mentoring tips, coaching, and our ever-growing online community.

What are signs that you should become a certified 2B Mindset Mentor?

  • You’re planning to run a 2B Mindset success group in the near future, and you want to be armed with the best possible knowledge and tools to support each person in your group to help them achieve greater success with the 2B Mindset program. Through her private practice, Ilana has worked with hundreds of clients, and she’ll share her observations and experiences, using individual examples and providing actionable strategies that can help you deal with common challenges and obstacles people may face while using the 2B Mindset program.
  • You want a deeper understanding of the 2B Mindset principles, which can help you as a mentor or even for your own 2B Mindset weight-loss journey. You’ll better understand the science behind the 2B Mindset principles, studies to support them, and why your body responds to certain foods in certain ways. And Ilana shares FAQs and common obstacles you may face and how to overcome them and keep on track to help you reach your weight-loss goals.
  • You love the 2B Mindset program and want to spread the word and help other people achieve their health and weight-loss goals. When you get certified, you’ll learn how to grow your 2B Mindset business, have tools to talk to people about the program, attract customers, get people started on the program, and help them overcome plateaus and obstacles and mentor them every step of the way.

Are You Ready to Help People Change Their Lives?

The rewards of becoming a certified 2B Mindset Mentor are endless! For more details, go to