May 1-26

Hop on your bike for Shaun T’s inspirational B25 Super Block that focuses on your inner strength as you push your mind and body to new heights.

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Week 1

Week 1: Be You
with Shaun T

Work up a sweat as you unleash your potential on the bike. There is only one YOU and Shaun wants you embrace it for the next 25 minutes and every minute after.

Week 1: Be Powerful
with Shaun T

Start on the bike and finish on the floor in this fun hybrid workout that combines cardio and strength training for total-body results.

Week 1: Be Focused
with Shaun T

Greater performance in your workouts and in life comes from greater focus—and that’s what today’s ride will help you develop. Listen to Shaun’s words as you elevate your heart rate and crank up your metabolism in this total-body sweat fest.

Week 1: Be Strong
with Shaun T

This workout targets everything, starting with your lower body on the bike and finishing with your upper body on the floor. It’s tough, but you’re stronger than you think. Go crush it!

Week 1: Be Dynamic
with Shaun T

Being dynamic means embracing change and constantly evolving into the best version of yourself. That’s just one truth that Shaun drops during this high-energy ride that will inspire you, build Health Esteem and achieve any goal.

Week 2

Week 2: Be You
with Shaun T

Saddle up and embrace the burn—Shaun is taking you on a challenging all terrain ride while reminding you how great you are now and how great you can be.

Week 2: Be Powerful
with Shaun T

Your quads will burn as you keep up with Shaun during an uphill climb—but that’s just the beginning of this hybrid workout. He’ll also take you off the bike for a lower body weightlifting session that will help you sculpt lean, defined legs.

Week 2: Be Focused
with Shaun T

Every pedal stroke brings you closer to a fitter body and greater Health Esteem, so dig deep, find your why, and keep up with Shaun on this sweaty, fun-filled ride.

Week 2: Be Strong
with Shaun T

Hop on your bike, but keep your weights close by. Today is another hybrid workout, and Shaun is going to make sure it’s a total-body blast.

Week 2: Be Dynamic
with Shaun T

Shaun’s message for today: Never hold back. That goes for life in general and this ride in particular. Give Shaun everything you’ve got as he challenges you with a variety of terrains that will test your endurance and maximize your burn.

Week 3

Week 3: Be You
with Shaun T

During today’s all terrain ride, Shaun will explain how to boost your performance by getting your mind and body in sync, as well as the importance of always being your authentic self.

Week 3: Be Powerful
with Shaun T

Shaun will remind you just how powerful you are as he helps you achieve the ultimate burn. Between the bike and the weights, this hybrid workout will target your lower half for 25 minutes non-stop.

Week 3: Be Focused
with Shaun T

You’re halfway through week 3, and Shaun wants you dialed in for today’s ride. His goal: To help you focus on what you want and ignore what you don’t.

Week 3: Be Strong
with Shaun T

Conquer hills on your BODi bike and then focus on your upper half with a targeted weightlifting session during this epic 25-minute hybrid workout.

Week 3: Be Dynamic
with Shaun T

Change happens when you push yourself beyond what you thought was possible, so take what you’ve learned, saddle up, and finish week 3 with your best effort yet!

UP Week

UP Week: Be Challenged
with Shaun T

It’s time to put your last 3 weeks of work to the test. Take everything you’ve gained and apply it to the next 25 minutes. Maximize every minute and remember that in order to change, you have to Be Challenged.

UP Week: Be Committed
with Shaun T

Shaun is here to push your cardiovascular endurance to the max. Remind yourself how strong, powerful, and committed you have been and will continue to be as you give this final ride everything you’ve got. This is where your change is solidified.

Job 1 Super Block: Sample Workout
with Jennifer Jacobs

During this one-on-one training session with Jennifer, you'll target your arms, core, and glutes in just 20 minutes. Grab your weights and get ready to work.